The online Level 2 Firefighter Response Training is a self-paced course. This online component of Level 2 can be completed in a day, however we encourage you to split the course into smaller chunks. Firefighter Response Training online consists of 17 modules varying in lengths. The time to complete each module ranges from 10 to 30 minutes. This course is not graded but short, checks for understanding, are built into each module. There are no prerequisites for this course however we encourage you to complete Level 1 before proceeding to this course especially if you have limited training in responding to incidents involving dangerous goods.

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Level 2 face-to-face training can be delivered over a half day or more by local trainers. The training resources for part two are available free of charge and are designed to be offered locally or regionally. Fire departments, and other organizations that respond to a road or rail transportation incidents, can utilize the face-to-face support material to provide this training to their responders.

The Level 2 face-to-face component of the Firefighter Response Training has been designed to build on the theory and knowledge-based content offered online in Levels 1 and 2 and is hands-on and practical. For this reason trainers or instructors should have a solid understanding of responding to hazardous materials incidents at the operations level. Trainers with less experience are encouraged to collaborate with government and industry specialists to assist with training.

The Level 2 face-to-face training is supported by a set of PowerPoints with integrated instructor notes and printable handouts for participants. Since participants may vary from volunteer firefighters with limited experience and training or fully trained and highly experienced professional firefighters, the length of time needed to deliver the Part 2 training will vary from half a day to two full days. To access this curriculum and supporting materials please complete the Contact form.